Banditos Restaurant and Bar, Prague


Banditos Restaurant and Bar, Prague

"More than just Mexican, as their copy rightly claims; try the super sandwiches and slaw. The Tex-Mex and burger standards remain at good prices, along with an amazing all-day full breakfast. Cool barkeeps, clientele and tunes."

—In Your Pocket City Guide

"OK, this is a strong statement, but Banditos near the I. P. Pavlova metro is where we've had some of the most authentic American-style Mexican food we have found in Prague so far. This especially goes for the enchilada plate complete with real refried beans and Mexican rice."


"Great food, excellent service. Burritos and quesedillas are recommended. I had great private party there organized. Mexican dishes were excellent, music was just what I asked for. Evening was attended by party escort girls, professional host and waiters. Great atmosphere!"


I went there for breakfast (which they serve all day), and it was really satisfying. Great toast, eggs, grilled vegetables, meat...the classic "diner" breakfast. Two of us shared a big platter which left us both stuffed. I would definitely recommend breakfast there!



Nabidka Denni

Nabízíme skvělé denní speciality za přijatelné ceny, a to od pondělí do pátku 11,30 – 14,30.
Na lístku najdete čerstvou polévku,, chutná hlavní jídla a domácí dezert.

Happy Hour

OTEVŘENO: denně 9,00 – 00,30
Snídaně: 9,00 – 18,00
Polední menu: 11,30 – 14,30
Happy hour: 16,30 – 18,30